Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton

     The solution to the issue of “toxic clothes” is the production of ecological ones which are knitted using biological cotton, a product of controlled procedures of cotton cultivation.

     They are made from pure raw materialsthat are friendly to the skin. Biological cotton is cultivated under traditional processes without the use of pesticides. It is collected manually and it is whitened using salt or other natural ingredients without the use of chemical substances. These fabrics allow your skin to breathe; they are pleasant to the touch, cool 


     Here are some characteristics of our biological clothes:

·         They offer protection from fungi and radiation.

·         They absorb sweat.

·         They contribute to the reduction of water consumption as they are not subject to chlorination. This means that we do not waste hundreds of cubic meters of water in order to get them rinsed.

·         During the production process of zippers, buttons and other accessories, only recyclable materials are used, including aluminium, wood, and shells.

·         Their production is conducted according to social criteria, while their cost is based on collective agreements of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security.

·         From an aesthetic point of view, they are softer, as they have not been chlorinated.

·         Their dyeing and whitening processes are conducted using ecological dyes which do not contain heavy metals, formaldehyde and azocolourants, whereas in the pre-whitening process no chlorine is used.

We are proudly certified by  the France Ecocert  ecocert and we follow the production process according to G.O.T.S. (Global Organic Textile Standard).



Organic cotton for quality clothes


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