About us

About us

2023 02 02 13 47 48 low  We are a manufacturing company based in Thessaloniki (Greece), with many years of experience in producing knitted garments.

   We are part of a joint venture with one of the most highly advanced knitting units in Greece  "Hellas Cotton". Equipped with more than 50 knitting machines, we are produce several types of fabric, including Single, Interlock, Rib, Sweat and Jacquard. Furthermore, we focus on dyeing and printing of fabrics, two of our major processing techniques.

 We, also, own a production unit "Cotton Textile" in FYROM Macedonia, working with various types of fabrics.  The unit is well organised with trained staff and modern equipment.  We offer among other services:

·   Automatic cutting 

·;   Automatic stitching/sewing  

·   Steam ironing  

 Our facility occupies nearly 150 employees assigned in various units. Through the years, we have become experts in manufacturing different types of textile for our clients across Europe. (WWF Hellas, WWF Switzerland, LANA, GREENPEACE GREECE, HESS NATUR – the greatest ecological garments manufacturing industry in Germany – etc.).

     Each service is provided with a production capacity of 2.500 - 4.000 units/day and all processes contain a thorought quality control.


What makes us stand out from the rest?

     After nearly three decades of experience in textile manufacturing, we decided in 2009 to expand our expertise in producing garments that follow the controlled procedures of cotton cultivation (organic cotton).

     We are one of the few certified Greek companies that have obtained GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) accreditation.

     We always remain updated and informed by Ecocert Greenlife about any progress made regarding all ecological issues that have been raised and adapt accordingly.



Tel. +30 2310 502693, +30 2310 696967 Fax. +30 2310  696968,
3th Klm Symmachiki str., Oreokastro, P.O.BOX 116, Zip Code 57013, Thessaloniki

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